Termly Topic Work - Term One - September 2022

Term Three: Emperors and Empires

Driver subject: History

This project teaches children about the history and structure of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire, including a detailed exploration of the Romanisation of Britain.

Please see below for an example of previous whole school topic:

Bright Lights, Big City!

Topic Work – Term 3 –  February 2021


This term has been very exciting in school. We have learnt all about our capital city – London.

We have looked at famous landmarks, at the different types of transport available and even had a visit from the Queen!

Please see below for just some examples of the amazing work our pupils have been up to this term:

The bus dropped the Queen off at the right stop, and she inspected our school sign.

The Queen was very excited to be coming for tea at The Llewellyn School.

The Queen even inspected our Llewellyn School Bus and Bus Stop.

Look at the lovely window display in Birch Class.

A brilliant display of some of London’s landmarks in Cherry Class.

What a beautiful display in Alder Class – and look at those amazing British Flags!

Alder have done a lovely display of the story of the Pussycat who went to visit the Queen in London.

Cherry Class did some fantastic work on the Royal Family.

Willow Class looked at maps and where the landmarks were.

The whole school were involved in making our very own Llewellyn Bus.

We looked at the Great Fire of London too in this topic.

Who can remember why it started?

We even have our very own Llewellyn School Bus Stop.

Alder class made their very own big red London bus for Peppa Pig and her friends to go on.

A brilliant piece of art work on the Great Fire of London.

A display of things that Cherry class thought of, of things that are in London.

Birch Class used the school iPad to help research the landmarks of London.

Finding out the history of buildings and using our mathematical skills to work out how old they were.

We also considered our sources, where we were looking for information and was it reliable?

We thought about how we ensure that we use the internet in a safe way.