The Llewellyn Vision

To provide a safe and inspirational learning environment with high quality specialist support, where young people with disabilities have access to meaningful learning programmes, to achieve their long-term outcomes and to enhance their life and work skills’.

 The Llewellyn School aims to be an inspirational setting, where children and young people aged 4 – 25 years with disabilities are able to thrive in a bespoke environment – allowing pupil’s to be  empowered and able to participate, excel, and be proud of everything they achieve.

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School Term Dates

Term 6 :  12th June 2023 – 20th July 2023


Term 1 : 4th September 2023 – 20th October 2023


Term 2 : 30th October 2023 – 14th December 2023


Term 3 : 2nd January 2024 – 9th February 2024


Term 4  : 19th February 2024 – 28th March 2024


Term 5 : 15th April 2024 – 24th May 2024

6th May Bank Holiday

*Term 6 : *10th June 2024 – 23rd July 2024

*(Please note there are 5 inset Days – 3rd June to 7th June.

 Which is why pupils start term on the 10th June.)


Support Us - Every Little Makes a Big Difference!

Children attending The Llewellyn School are supported by Louie’s Helping Hands – a voluntary run, registered charity. Through grants and fundraising we provide therapies such as music therapy and horse riding as well as specialist equipment.

Louies Helping Hands

Even the smallest donation can make the biggest difference to the lives of our children. To support us, please donate.