Our Curriculum

Children learn best when they are inspired, motivated and challenged; when they are active learners in an environment that encourages them to be independent and confident to question and explore.

Our curriculum enables every child to learn and develop individual skills making them active partners in achieving their goals. It is interactive, enjoyable and visual. Our small class sizes, and high number of teaching support staff guarantee individual attention.

Lessons are delivered in a way that is appropriate to the subject and to the children’s varied learning styles. Children are taught by specialist teachers and practitioners who find ways to effectively stimulate each pupil’s learning and development in a safe and supported setting.

All staff have British Sign Language (BSL) qualifications ranging from Level 1 to Level 3. They are experts in their field and are committed to sharing best practice. They are constantly learning, developing and innovating so that our school continues to offer the very best education.

“We came and we absolutely fell in love with the surroundings. The staff are lovely and very welcoming, the atmosphere is very relaxed and homely, enabling us all to feel comfortable.”

Forest School

Forest School provides a rich, stimulating, holistic environment. It involves child-led challenging play with achievable targets. This helps to develop cognition, physical fitness, emotional resilience and social skills. All activities are carefully managed, enabling our learners to develop a growing awareness of outdoor conditions and settings whilst also building up their confidence. The skills pupils learn link to all aspects of the curriculum.

In September 2019 we will have two fully qualified Level III Forest School practitioners. We are making plans to train staff as Beach School leaders. This course has been developed specifically for us and will provide a wealth of educational experiences all taking place on the vast stretches of wonderful beaches and coastlines on our doorstep.

We plan to cultivate a school allotment which will offer a productive educational outdoor space and an ongoing resource not only for now but also for future generations. If successful in securing funding in 2021 we will open a café on the school site which will be sourced by us and run by our young people.

Engagement Steps

Engagement Steps is a formative assessment used for our pupils across all Key Stages who are not yet engaged in subject specific learning.

It comprises four sections which reflect the four broad areas of need and includes the 7 areas of engagement.

This framework helps our teachers and support staff to record the achievements of pupils who are working profoundly beneath age related expectations and who are working on an informal curriculum.

1. Cognition & Learning
2. Communication & Interaction
Expressive Communication
Receptive Communication
3. Social, Emotional & Mental Health
Expressive Communication
Receptive Communication
4. Sensory & Physical -Sensory Operation
Sensory & Physical -Sensory Operation
Fine Motor
Gross Motor
Progression Steps
Progression Steps is used for pupils across all Key Stages who are engaging with subject-specific learning. This framework covers the ability range identified by the new Pre Key Stage standards. It is an observation-based assessment. It helps teachers identify and record the ongoing achievements of pupils who are working moderately or severely beneath age-related expectations in some or all areas of their development. It can be used with pupils who are either studying elements from a formal curriculum or those who are still engaged in a semi-formal approach to learning.

Our Cognition and Learning content aims help staff to assess the knowledge and abilities associated with the intellectual development of each child against the National Curriculum subjects. We have increased the range of areas within the Progression Steps to include Sex and Relationship Education; Communication and Interaction; Social, Emotional and Mental Health; Sensory and/or Physical Development.

Primary Steps
Our Primary assessment structure for Key Stages 1 and 2 is taken directly from the National Curriculum.

It includes the End of Year Outcomes and the first 3 levels of our Progression Steps for pupils working below Year 1.

This framework is designed to be used by mainstream pupils and pupils with SEND.  It covers the required core subjects and all foundation subjects.