Our Core Offer

School Offer for SEND

The Llewellyn School  is a very small, independent school for children with complex medical needs. The curriculum is child-centred, designed to accommodate individual learning styles within a total communication environment (including BSL) while providing the opportunity for each of the pupils to maximize learning to their full potential.

It has been shown that many children with SEND need a stress-free environment with few other pupils and a high adult/child ratio. We believe at The Llewellyn School that the educational, social and emotional needs of each child are best served in a small-scale environment.

The Llewellyn School  accepts that this environment does not suit every SEND pupil but for those who need a bespoke curriculum and the opportunity to thrive with few external or anxiety raising distractions the school is starting to show good results for pupils.

“We believe the staff are happy, caring and able to provide a safe a stimulating environment for our daughter and children like her. I cannot give enough praise The Llewellyn School and Nursery have very much improved and enriched our lives.”

Levels of Support and Provision Offered

Curriculum approaches
Whole school approaches. The universal offer to all our pupils

Clear rationale for the delivery of all revised National Curriculum areas.

Detailed curriculum planning/delivery for all subjects, with clear differentiated learning outcomes to provide all pupils/students with challenge evidenced through our rationale Pre-formal learning and Formal learning.

Key learning indicators written for non-core subject areas to aid the differentiation of learning outcomes for each learner accordingly Pre-formal learning.

Detailed planning based upon robust assessment of learning (Pre-Formal learning and Formal learning) evidenced via pupil’s personal learning plans

On-going assessment of pupil’s progress and attainment.

Opportunities to enhance and enrich Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC) outcomes throughout the curriculum regardless of needs type fully incorporating the promotion of British Values.

1:1 Teaching sessions based upon robust assessment outcomes.

Additional targeted support and provision

Specialist curriculum to support different needs types of learners based upon robust assessment outcomes (MSI curriculum)

Flexible Curriculum based upon assessment of need – Personal Learning Plans

Visual timetables in all rooms

Whole school behaviour policy

Specialist individualised support and provision

Flexi Schooling Agreement between the parents and the school

Education out of School (personalised learning pathways)

Multisensory approach used within structured Teaching and Learning sessions

Personalised assessment of learning needs within Multi-Sensory Impairment (MSI) curriculum identifying domains/phases for each learner

Social and Communication

Teaching and learning approaches
Whole school approaches. The universal offer to all our pupils

Differentiated learning outcomes (key skills) identified through robust assessment of learning within all curriculum areas (Pre-formal learning)

End of year reports to parents/carers

Annual review of EHC Plan

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Visual timetables/targets

Ongoing assessments of pupil’s progress and attainment

Analysis of data to show progress over time (EYFS/P level and National Curriculum levels)

Use of Makaton/Exchange of pictures

Differentiation of resources to underpin teaching

Bespoke teaching route achieved via personal learning plan (Pre-formal/Formal))

Personalised learning timetables

Personalised learning areas

AAC (Augmentative, Alternative Communication)

Sequence Strips

Objects of Reference used to support structured teaching and learning sessions

1:1 Teaching Support where appropriate

Music Therapy sessions

Lego Therapy sessions

Interplay sessions

Cued Articulation

Additional targeted support and provision

Use of appropriate switch technology

Use of multi sensory resources

Multi-Agency advice and guidance to inform/enhance Teaching and Learning (Pre-formal and Formal)

Specialist individualised support and provision

Bespoke AAC equipment and plans

One-to-one Specialist Coaching and CBT

Engagement with families
Whole school approaches. The universal offer to all our pupils

Day2Day books

Communicating with parents/carers policy fully informs practice

Annual Christmas performance

Reports to parents

Six monthly (EYFS)

Annual Review of EHCP

Whole school Open Days /Celebrations

Language Days

School texting service

School e mail service

School web-site

IEP outcomes meetings

Pupil progress meetings

School newsletter

Web site compliance

End of academic year school report for each pupil/student

Coffee mornings to be initiated

Additional targeted support and provision

CIC (Child in Care) Reviews

Child in Need Reviews

Early support/TAC meetings

Health, wellbeing and emotional support
Whole school approaches. The universal offer to all our pupils

LSN Mission Statement underpins the promotion of British Values and SMSC development across the school providing meaning for each pupil of the school

Positive learning environment with excellent staff role models

Personal Social & Health curriculum as a core curriculum subject

A body of staff trained in first aid for the safety of all pupils

All pupils have risk assessments

Therapy through Music

Therapy through Art

Additional targeted support and provision

SWIIPE profiles (Social, Wellbeing, Intellectual, Involvement, Physical and Emotional)

Multi-sensory equipment

Physiotherapy guidance incorporated into classroom practice

OT guidance incorporated into classroom practice

IEP Targets (Care Plans)

CIC (Child in Care) Reviews

Physiotherapist support

Occupational Therapist support

Moving and Handling trainer on the school staff

Moving and Handling assessments in place for appropriate pupils

Personalised Moving and Handling passports

Safe spaces

Specialist individualised support and provision

Horse riding

Swimming/water activities (from PT recommendations)