About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high quality, holistic, therapeutic, effective and meaningful educational experience for all of our pupils.

The Llewellyn School and Nursery will inspire a passion for learning and celebrate the success and achievement of all of our pupils who are: deaf; have communication difficulties; have additional needs and have a wide range of disabilities/abilities associated with these.

The curriculum is child-centred, and designed to accommodate individual learning styles within a total communication environment (including BSL), while providing the opportunity for each of the pupils to maximise learning to their full potential.

Even the smallest donation can make the biggest difference to the lives of our children. To support us, click on the link.

Our Vision

An inspirational setting where children with disabilities are able to have a
meaningful quality of life – empowered and able to participate, excel, and be proud of everything they achieve.

Our Aims

Our aim is to establish a high quality, bespoke provision for pupils who need an environment that challenges and promotes achievable expectations.

We are committed to achieving this through our team of highly qualified and experienced staff who have outstanding​ training and experience in Deaf Education and SEN.